Clark Fulton

view of Clark Fulton neighborhood

The Clark Fulton Neighborhood boasts a wealth of diversity with residents who have made the area their own. Predominantly Hispanic, the neighborhood is home to a wide range of cultures.

“We have such a large ethnicity base,” says Maria Davila, executive director of the Clark-Metro Development Corporation. “Hispanic, Appalachian, African-American, Asian and Middle Eastern cultures are present in the neighborhood Each of these proud ethnic groups have settled into the neighborhood and worked to co-exist.”

view of Clark Fulton Neighborhood

Clark Fulton residents embrace their neighborhood. Many residents have lived in the area their entire lives and wouldn’t think of living anywhere else.

While the area is home to a number of businesses, including nearby MetroHealth Medical Campus, the residents are what make it home. “It’s always been about what the residents want,” says Davila. “We listen to them, and we try to make it happen.”

Neighborhood Gem

Clark Fulton is close to popular hubs like Tremont and Ohio City. And Davila and her staff work on making the area competitive to its neighbors and tout the advantages Clark Fulton has to offer.

“We’re a diamond in the rough,” says Davila. “Property values are more affordable, and we hope to attract more residents and new business.”

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