Euclid Green

Groton Park in the Euclid Green neighborhood

Recreation Rules

Euclid Green, one of the East Side’s most beautiful and parklike neighborhoods, is bordered by Cleveland Heights and South Euclid. It boasts winding, wooded and hilly residential streets, some with breathtaking views of Lake Erie. The neighborhood is also rich with parks and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Neighborhood Gem

Euclid Green has invested millions of dollars in Duggan Playfield over the years in an effort to create exceptional recreation opportunities for residents and visitors alike. The park offers two baseball diamonds, a swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts and lots of public seating to host gatherings of any type. “The park space has been here for at least 25 years,” says Councilman Roosevelt Coats, “and we’ve made a considerable investment over the last 10 to 15 years to make it comparable to any of the nicest community parks in the area.”

Duggan Playfield covers about 15 acres and is conveniently located near the neighborhood’s main shopping center, Green Lite. “It’s a widely used, major park for our community,” says Coats, “one of Euclid Green’s jewels.”