Little Italy

Enjoying The Feast of the Assumption

Pizza, Pasta and Pastries serve as a common attraction within the neighborhood. Add to that stunning architecture, art galleries, retail outlets, a nice blend of old and new housing, close proximity to University Circle, and a wonderful collection of residents, business owners and visitors. What you have is a vibrant Little Italy neighborhood, where you can't help but feel welcomed.

Brescia Park in Little Italy

Neighborhood Gem

A longtime neighborhood gathering place, Tony Brush Park has gone through a major face-lift during the last four years. The added amenities, such as a new gazebo, play equipment, game tables and a new community garden, make it a great place for people of all ages to enjoy. Named for famed boxer and Little Italy resident Anthony Brescia, this green space serves as a destination point for all ages and offers the perfect recreational outlet to accompany the wonderful arts and dining hot spots within the Little Italy neighborhood.

In the Community
Local Resident

"We committed to raising our three children in the Little Italy Neighborhood because a childhood dilled with walking to school, neighbors you know by name, businesses that watch out for all and church bells that call you to pray make for a priceless childhood."
-Diane and John Boylan

"I moved to Little Italy to feel that Old World charm, where everyone knew and looked out for each other. I first experienced this sense of neighborhood as a child, and it is still present today, as I enjoy my retirement."

-Joe Scibana

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Cleveland's Little Italy neighborhood

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