Mount Pleasant

Cleveland's Mt Pleasant neighborhood

Mount Pleasant is One of the most residential neighborhoods in Cleveland. With Shaker Heights to the east and downtown only 10 minutes to the west, it is conveniently located for residents and visitors alike. The neighborhood has a rich history of homeownership and retail opportunities. This multigenerational community offers something for every age group- from great neighborhood schools to newly constructed apartments for seniors.

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Neighborhood Gem

Mt. Pleasant is home to Ohio's largest urban park. Offering 114 acres of green space, Luke Easter Park is a very popular place for Mt. Pleasant families in both winter and spring. The Zelma George Indoor Recreation Center offers a skating rink, basketball courts, exercise equipment and a track. For a more restful experience, the park offers picnic tables, benches and a walking path. The park is quite scenic, with acres of green grass and beautiful trees. The park is home to the annual Family Unity Day Festival in late July. Vendors with foods of many kinds come together with bands that play all day and into the night. The evening culminates in a spectacular fireworks display that can be seen for miles.

“We discovered a jewel in our backyard. Luke Easter Park is one of our community’s greatest assets,” says Thomas K. Stone, executive director of Mt. Pleasant Now Development Corp.

Cleveland's Midtown neighborhood

Stone adds that the community has embraced the idea that the “park is for families.” It’s hard to find a vacant picnic table at the park on weekends. Young and old fill the park with sounds of family enjoyment. It’s about finding ways to stay connected in the technology age, says Stone. “We can’t live in a vacuum. We must look for ways to keep families and neighbors connected.”

In the Community

Helping Hands

Mount Pleasant Now Development Corp. MPNDC is a neighborhood non-profit established in 1988 to facilitate development. The agency has successfully assembled a team of full-time, highly competent development professionals to assist existing and perspective home and business owners with development needs. MPNDC owns more than 200 housing and commercial properties.

Cleveland's Midtown neighborhood

Community Project

MPNDC is working to develop Model Blocks throughout Mt. Pleasant. Partnering with the City of Cleveland, the agency is providing attractive investment opportunities to interested parties. Model blocks include heavy concentrations of investment dollars and development programs to further enhance the quality of life in the community.

"Mt. Pleasant is a great place to raise a family. Our homes are spacious, with big yards for kids to play in. We have wonderful access to public transportation, new schools, and many of our seniors have stayed in the community for decades. Mt. Pleasant really is a pleasant place to live."

-Leslie Conwell,assistant director at Mt. Pleaasant Now