Cleveland Neighborhoods

There’s just something a little bit different –– a little bit cooler –– about living in the city. It’s partly the assortment of distinct neighborhoods that each offers a slightly different flavor and personality. It’s access to the arts and to dining and to business and to other important amenities. It’s the diversity, in both the housing stock and the many interesting folks who live in these places. Here, we celebrate all the little things in these neighborhoods –– maybe it’s a person or a new program or a community business –– that has created one dynamic place to live. So go ahead; explore these neighborhoods, and find out what Cleveland has to offer.

Broadway/Slavic Village Buckeye-Shaker/Woodland Hills Central/Kinsman Clark-Fulton
Cudell/Edgewater Detroit Shoreway Downtown Euclid Green
Fairfax Glenville/Forest Hills Historic Gateway Historic Warehouse District
Hough Kamm's Corners/Riverside Lee Miles Little Italy
Midtown Mt. Pleasant North Shores Collinwood Ohio City
Old Brooklyn Puritas Longmead/Jefferson Shaker Square St. Clair/Superior/Goodrich
Stockyards Tremont/Industrial Valley Union Miles Park/Corlett University Circle
West Boulevard      

map of Cleveland Neighborhoods

Lee Miles Neighborhood
Old Brooklyn Neighborhood
Central and Kinsman Neighborhood
Glenville and Wade Park Neighborhood
Downtown Cleveland
Puritas and Jefferson Neoghborhood

Puritas and Jefferson Neoghborhood
West Boulevard Neighborhood
University Circle Neighborhood
Union Miles Park Neighborhood
Tremont and Industrial Valley Neighborhood
Stockyard neighborhood
Saint Clair Superior neighborhood
Shaker Square
Puritas and Jefferson Neoghborhood
Old Brooklyn Neighborhood
Ohio City Neighborhood
Northeast shores collinwood neighborhood
Northeast shores collinwood neighborhood
Mount Pleasant Neighborhood
Midtown Neighborhood
Little Italy
Lee Miles Neighborhood

Kinsman and Central Neighborhood
Kinsman and Central Neighborhood
Riverside and Kamm's Corners neighbrhood
Riverside and Kamm's Corners neighbrhood
Hough Neighborhood
Downtown Cleveland
Historic Gateway District
Historic Warehouse District
Glenville Wdae Park Neighborhood
Fairfax Neighborhood
Euclid and Green Neighborhood
Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood
Cudell and Edgewater Neighborhood
Clark Fulton Neighborhood
Buckeye Shaker Neighborhood
Broadway neighborhood