Opportunity Homes

oppurtunity homes

Opportunity Homes are renovated, energy-efficient homes in six Cleveland neighborhoods – Detroit Shoreway, Buckeye/Shaker, Tremont, Fairfax, Glenville-Wade Park, and Broadway-Slavic Village.

typical opportunity home

Opportunity Homes is a partnership between the City of Cleveland, Neighborhood Progress, Inc., the Cleveland Housing Network, and the community development corporation representing each of the six neighborhoods. Each of these partners brings a special skill to the table – the Cleveland Housing Network has deep experience in home rehabilitation, sales, and financing; Neighborhood Progress has a long track record of supporting community development; and each of the community development corporations has strong ties to the neighborhood and its residents. Together, with support from the City of Cleveland, they are making a difference.

Opportunity Homes, which will rehabilitate and sell homes in these six neighborhoods, is one part of a comprehensive strategy to address the foreclosure issue which is devastating Cleveland neighborhoods. Not only will homes that have been lost to foreclosure be renovated and sold, but vacant and abandoned homes that cannot be renovated will be demolished, and the vacant land left behind will be used for new homes, greenspace or yard expansion for neighbors. Finally, and most importantly, Opportunity Homes is partnering with organizations like Empowering and Strengthening Ohio’s People (ESOP), the Cleveland Housing Network, Neighborhood Housing Services, Community Housing Solutions, and others, to prevent families from losing their homes to foreclosure in the first place – through counseling, organizing and advocating for families in distress.

Opportunity Homes is linked with other investments in the community – new schools and libraries, large scale housing and institutional developments, new parks and greenspace. The goal of Opportunity Homes is to invest in neighborhoods, demolish vacant homes, and prevent foreclosure. The initiative builds upon a network of strong community development organizations: the 27-year track record of the Cleveland Housing Network (CHN), the financial and development capacity of Neighborhood Progress, Inc., (NPI), and a commitment of the City of Cleveland to target resources and programming to these six neighborhoods that will support them now and in the future as great places to live.

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