St. Clair Superior

Cleveland's St. Clair and Superior neighborhoods

Centrally located between Downtown and University Circle with Lake Erie views, this neighborhood thrives on its diversity of people and places. From the historic Slovenian National Home and St. Vitus Church, bustling Asian markets and restaurants, and live-work artist space, this neighborhood offers tremendous choices with a great location.

Neighborhood Gem

Chinese restaurants serving dim sum. Bakeries full of Asian delicacies. Vietnamese establishments with steaming hot pho. Markets overflowing with fresh fish and produce. Korean dolsot bi bim bab. If you are looking for authentic Asian food, culture and shopping, look no further than Asia Town Cleveland. Located amid commercial buildings, repurposed lofts, art studios and galleries, AsiaTown has much to offer people of all ages, interests and backgrounds. Each year St. Clair Superior Development Corp. coordinates a citywide public art project in celebration of the Chinese Zodiac. This year, 25 fiberglass tiger sculptures, designed and painted by Northeast Ohio Artists, will be installed on Cleveland's public sidewalks.

Cleveland's St. Clair and Superior neighborhoods

In The Community

Local Resident

The neighborhood has affordable housing rates, a fantastic array of unique cuisines, ample supply of grocerystores and extremely easy access to Downtown and all freeways. It's also a perfect home base for anyone that commutes regularly by bicycle."

-Bill Rupnik, resident and owner/director, William Rupnik Gallery