Tremont/Industrial Valley

Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood

A small village in the heartof Cleveland, Tremont is a dynamic neighborhood boasting a historic district around Lincoln Park, first-rate dining, boutique and big-box shopping, an array of housing choices and a community that is active and involved in its renaissance.

Cleveland's Ukrainian Museum-Archives

Neighborhood Gem

The Ukrainian Museum-Archives has always been located in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood and was founded in 1952 by displaced scholars who took on the mission of collecting and preserving items from Ukrainian history and culture. The UMA's collection includes many rare items. Over the last two decades the museum has built a state-of-the-art facility to house its archives properly as well as restore its historic building, which sits right on Tremont's Lincoln Park. Visit this Tremont gem during Tremont ArtWalk, every second Friday of the month, or during the week. For more information, visit

In the Community

New developments are cropping up throughout Tremont in response to its rising population. What has residents particularly excited, however, is the renovation that turned the historic Union Gospel Press building into apartments and retail space. “Folks are thrilled,” says Chris Garland, executive director for Tremont West Development Corp., of the rejuvenation of the long vacant building. Once home to Cleveland’s first college and a bible printing operation, the massive building will open sometime in late spring or early summer as Tremont Place Lofts. In addition to 102 units for lease, the site will also house “hotel suites,” which Garland describes as short-term lease apartments for visitors from out of town who don’t want to stay in a traditional hotel. “It’s a fabulous structure and definitely fits what we would call adaptive reuse,” says Garland.

In the Community

Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood

Local Residents

“We love the Tremont neighborhood because it is diverse, accepting, and people are so friendly. There are so many restaurants to choose from, there’s great access to the east and west side, and there are so many new developments happening — there’s always something going on!”
— Harry and Carroll Johns, Tremont Pointe

"A great place to visit and a wonderful place to live."

— Matilda Matusik

Helping Hands

The mission of Tremont West Development Corp. (TWDC, is to maintain and improve the living, business and cultural conditions for all of Tremont. TWDC currently provides programs and neighborhood services in housing, commercial/economic development, fund-raising/marketing and community organizing.

Cleveland's Old Brooklyn neighborhood

Community Project

Tremont offers many housing opportunities. Whether you’re in the market to buy a home or lease an apartment, people can find good places in Tremont. Different housing options include Starkweather Place for-sale townhomes; Tremont Pointe for-lease townhomes; Bergen Village for-sale luxury townhomes; also, Tremont Place Lofts offers apartment living in the Historic Gospel Press Building.