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Cleveland's Union Miles Park neighborhood

The Union Miles neighborhood is part of one of the earliest settlements in Cleveland's Western Reserve, and it remains rich in tradition to this day. Close to Downtown, yet nestled in lines of residential streets, Union Miles is a close-knit community.

Cleveland is advancing a citywide agenda of promoting sustainability within its neighborhoods. The Union Miles Development Corp. (UMDC) is working on numerous efforts to make the neighborhood more green, from simple internal organizational practices to larger neighborhood-wide activities. Recycling, land cleanup and reutilization, storm water management and environmentally friendly building practices are now common. Through Ohio State University's extension office in Union Miles, vacant city-owned parcels are being reused through the ReImagining Cleveland program. UMDC is also creating new community gardens through the Youth Market Garden Project. A graduate of the Entrepreneurs for Sustainability program, UMDC continues to create a mind-set within Cleveland that keeps the environment and sustainability practices both as top priorities.

Neighborhood Gem

Hearing that the YMCA was closing might have meant bad news for this community; however, the City of Cleveland purchased its building and transformed it into what Debra L. Prater, executive director of the Union Miles Development Corp., touts as the “most used recreation center in the City.”

Cleveland's Union Miles Park neighborhood

A state-of-the-art exercise facility featuring the latest in exercise equipment, weight room and flat-screen televisions is only part of what has made this recreation center successful. “This speaks directly to the efforts of our councilman, Robert White,” she says.

The center is free and offers programs appealing to a broad-based age demographic, including a small day care center and playground, ballroom dancing, tai chi and computer classes, a basketball court and outdoor baseball diamond.

In the Community
Local Resident

"We believe the revitalization of a community is a shared responsibility and strongly encourage residents and stakeholders to take ownership of the neighborhood's future."

- Debra Prater, UMDC executive director